World Accreditation Day 2022 Poster Contest

Each year on 09 June, IAF and ILAC celebrate World Accreditation Day (WAD) with their members, partners, stakeholders and other organisations in the field of conformity assessment. At the IAF and ILAC General Assemblies in November 2021, the Joint Working Group Communications Chairs announced the theme for WAD 2022, Accreditation: Sustainability in Economic Growth and the Environment.

With ecosystems under increasing strain from climate change, habitat destruction, and pollution, viewing economic growth through the lens of sustainability has become essential. Accreditation and standards can help regulators, companies and consumers require or engage in more environmentally friendly practices. Climate action and the transition to a circular economy, which emphasises quality, reuse, recycling, remanufacturing and waste management to conserve resources and limit waste, are two main areas that IAF and ILAC will explore in 2022.

A number of benefits that accreditation can provide are illustrated through case studies and research on the Public Sector Assurance and Business Benefits websites. Case studies can be filtered by Sustainable Development Goal.

Following the success of last year’s contest held to select an official poster for WAD 2021 celebrations, IAF and ILAC are holding another poster contest for WAD 2022. We invite all interested parties to explore our theme of Accreditation: Sustainability in Economic Growth and the Environment with up to three entries. The winner for each contest will receive 1,500 USD, while the two-runners up for each contest will receive 500 USD each.

The contest rules, including instructions for how to submit entries, are available here.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!