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ILAC’s international network of members consists of numerous organisations from a diversity of global economies. These members include signatories to the ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA), Associates, Affiliates, Stakeholders and Regional Cooperation Bodies.

Since the formation of the ILAC MRA in 2000, the number of accreditation bodies worldwide has doubled.

These accreditation bodies comprise of the ILAC MRA Signatories who are also known as Full Members, as well as Associate and Affiliate members who are working towards achieving their ILAC MRA signatory status.


On the 31st of January 2001, the ILAC MRA was signed to include both calibration and testing laboratories.

In October 2012, the ILAC MRA further expanded to incorporate the accreditation of inspection bodies.

In May 2019, the ILAC MRA was further extended to include the accreditation of proficiency testing providers.

In 2019, almost 80,000 laboratories,11,000 inspection bodies and over 450 proficiency testing providers were accredited by ILAC MRA Signatories

The current scope of the ILAC MRA includes the accreditation of calibration laboratories using ISO/IEC 17025, testing laboratories using ISO/IEC 17025, medical testing facilities using ISO 15189, inspection bodies using ISO/IEC 17020 and proficiency testing providers using ISO/IEC 17043.