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» Proposed Documents

The following is a list of proposed documents currently being developed and drafted by ILAC Committees:
  • Management of extraordinary events
    This document is being developed by the ILAC Arrangement Committee to provide guidance on managing the assessment process that may be impacted by extraordinary events such as, natural disasters, disease outbreaks, or security concerns.

  • Guideline for the Formulation of Scopes of Accreditation for Inspection Bodies
    This document is being developed by the ILAC Inspection Committee to assist ABs in consistently meeting the requirements of ISO 17011:2004 associated with scopes and to encourage an effective and harmonised approach to scopes among Accreditation Bodies in relation to ISO/IEC 17020:2012. 
  • Guidance on measurements performed as part of an inspection process
    This document is being drafted by the ILAC Inspection Committee to provide recommendation on how to address cases where examinations including measurements are performed as part of inspection. It has been produced with the intention to give guidance to accreditation bodies facing such situations in the assessment of inspection bodies. The document is equally applicable to inspection bodies seeking advice on how to structure and perform its measuring activities.