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In addition to the ILAC publications available from this page, there are also joint publications such as MoUs, communiques, statements and declarations on specific topics and areas of common interest that relate to ILAC and the International organisations that ILAC maintains strategic partnerships to achieve joint activities and common goals available from https://ilac.org/about-ilac/partnerships/international-partners/


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ILAC Rules Documents (R-Series)
Joint ILAC-IAF Documents (A-Series)
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ILAC General Assembly (GA) Resolutions
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NOTE: Many of the publications available above reference the use of International Standards as part of the requirements for accreditation, so you may be wondering how to do this while respecting copyright. Copyright allows IEC and ISO to safeguard the use of the content of International Standards so that the integrity and authenticity of that content is preserved, and that content can be revised, translated and also maintained. This means that customers and other stakeholders can always trust that they’re getting the real deal when using standards from IEC, ISO and their respective national members. The IAF, ILAC and ISO strongly encourage everyone to respect copyright of all international standards and only use those copies which meet the copyright requirements.