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Withdrawn Documents

Below is a list of ILAC documents that have been withdrawn.

  • ILAC G9:2005 Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Reference Materials
    Please note: ISO Guide 33:2015 Reference materials – Good practice in using reference materials replaces ILAC G9 and is available here
  • ILAC P11:09/2009 Monitoring Performance of ILAC Evaluators 
    The procedure for monitoring the performance of ILAC evaluators and reporting on that performance to the Chair of the ILAC AMC is now included in IAF/ILAC A1 and A2.
  • IAF/ILAC-A1/A2: Addendum 01/2021 – IAF/ILAC Approach to Remote Peer Evaluations of Regions and Single Accreditation Bodies during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    This addendum to IAF/ILAC A1 and A2 was published and used throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. It provided policies for the role and conduct of remote peer evaluations allowing witnessing activities to continue using a more flexible approach during this period. The lessons learnt from this experience will be incorporated into the next revisions of IAF/ILAC A1 and A2.
  • ILAC P13:10/2010 Application of ISO/IEC 17011 for the Accreditation of Proficiency Testing Providers
    The aim of this document was to harmonise the application of ISO/IEC 17011 for accreditation bodies in regard to organising proficiency testing programs and/or accrediting Proficiency Testing Providers. It has been withdrawn as a result of the implementation of ISO/IEC 17011:2017 and in accordance with ILAC Resolution GA 21.18.
  • IAF/ILAC A4:2004 Guidance on the Application of ISO/IEC 17020
    The application information for the current version of ISO/IEC 17020:2012 is included in ILAC P15 and is available here
  • ILAC G11:07/2006 ILAC Guidelines on Qualifications & Competence of Assessors and Technical Experts
    The 2017 version of ISO/IEC 17011 now includes the additional information on the processes for defining the competence, qualifying and monitoring of persons participating in the assessment process. The 2017 version is available to purchase from ISO
  • ILAC R2:09/2009 ILAC Rules
    This document included both the Articles and Bylaws of the Association.
    The revised articles of association and Bylaws were approved on 30 October 2019 and registered on 11 November 2019; these are now published as ILAC-R2A:11/2019 ILAC Rules: Articles of Association and ILAC R2B:11/2019 ILAC Rules: Bylaws and are available here.
  • IAF/ILAC A6:01/2018 Approval Process for IAF/ILAC A-Series Documents
    The 2020 version of the JWG A-series Terms of Reference include the specific requirements to be followed in the development, approval and maintenance of IAF/ILAC A-Series documents that are in addition to the general IAF and ILAC procedures for maintaining publications.
  • IAF/ILAC A5:11/2013 IAF/ILAC Multi-Lateral Mutual Recognition Arrangement (Arrangements): Application of ISO/IEC 17011:2004
    The purpose of this document was to enable accreditation bodies using the 2004 version of ISO/IEC 17011 to better harmonize their application of the standards against which they assess conformity assessment bodies (CABs). The requirements included in this document are included in the 2017 version of ISO/IEC 17011 as appropriate and therefore it is not required for this latest version of ISO/IEC 17011. The JWG A-series ISO/IEC 17011 FAQs are available from here and provide a tool to assist in the understanding and application of ISO/IEC 17011:2017 helping in the achievement of equivalence in the outcomes of peer evaluations based on ISO/IEC 17011 and as a resource for training.