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Accreditation: Supporting the implementation of the SDGs


Joint Statement from Xiao Jianhua and Etty Feller


People: https://youtu.be/qqViC-qA6Ww
Planet: https://youtu.be/J9N7Hn5tUV4
Prosperity: https://youtu.be/7lPF2pSV1Vk

June 9th 2021 marks World Accreditation Day (#WAD2021), a global initiative established by ILAC and IAF to promote the value of accreditation.

This year’s theme focuses on the use of accreditation in supporting the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It provides the opportunity for ILAC and IAF members to share examples with stakeholders, regulators and consumers of how accreditation may be applied to meet objectives such as increasing trade, addressing environment and health and safety concerns, and improving the general overall quality of output in an economy.

A joint statement released by the Chairs of IAF and ILAC introduces the importance of accreditation in supporting the implementation of the SDGs.

The poster for WAD 2021 is the result of a contest conducted by IAF and ILAC earlier this year.

IAF and ILAC have produced a brochure to highlight worldwide examples of the role accreditation plays in supporting the implementation of the SDGs.  Further examples and research are available on the Public Sector Assurance and Business Benefits websites. Related videos are also be available on the IAF/ILAC YouTube channel and follow the three pillars of People, Planet and Prosperity. These pillars have been chosen to group the SDGs with a common goal and is reflective of publications from UNIDO, OECD and UNDP.

Follow ILAC and IAF on Twitter for more information about accreditation supporting the implementation of the SDGs in the period leading up to WAD.

While the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting social distancing policies may again disrupt physical WAD events, we encourage you to celebrate with us online using the hashtag #WAD2021 and to contact your local accreditation body for further details on local media and online seminars and programs they may be organising.

Login to the Members area for more information on how to celebrate the day and to download the poster and brochure templates for use in other languages.