Use of Remote Techniques Supported by IAF/ILAC/ISO survey

A joint IAF/ILAC/ISO survey on the use of remote assessment techniques has shown that a large majority prefer remote or blended audits, assessments and/or evaluations. Furthermore, respondents felt that remote activities provide as much confidence as on-site activities and would like to see continued or an increased use of remote activities in the future. A cross-section of the conformity assessment community were invited to participate and over 4000 surveys were returned!

There are many benefits to remote working including, reduced travel time and costs, efficient use of time during assessment, and a reduced carbon footprint. In addition to providing a snapshot of attitudes towards the use of remote techniques, the survey received hundreds of suggestions, ideas and proposals from users, CABs, auditors and assessors.

With this in mind ILAC will work alongside IAF and ISO and consider next steps in order to incorporate the outcomes in the relevant documents and processes as appropriate, and support our members.

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