IAF/ILAC policy on remote peer evaluations published

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed how evaluations are conducted, with travel bans and lockdowns necessitating increased use of information and communications technologies.

The following addendum has therefore been published on the ILAC ilac.org/publications-and-resources/joint-ilac-iaf-series/ and IAF websites: IAF/ILAC-A1/A2: Addendum 01/2021 – IAF/ILAC Approach to Remote Peer Evaluations of Regions and Single Accreditation Bodies during the COVID-19 Pandemic to help maintain the harmonization of processes and the robustness of the IAF, ILAC and Regional peer evaluation systems.

This addendum to IAF/ILAC A1 and IAF/ILAC A2, which will remain in effect for the duration of the pandemic, provides policies for the role and conduct of remote peer evaluations and allows for a more flexible approach to remote witnessing activities during this period.