IAF, ILAC and Members Celebrate WAD 2024

09 June 2024 marked World Accreditation Day (WAD), an initiative established by IAF and ILAC to raise awareness about accreditation. Each year, WAD brings the global conformity assessment community together with events, webinars and workshops.

With the theme of ‘Accreditation: Empowering Tomorrow and Shaping the Future’, WAD 2024 underscored the important role of accreditation in navigating the complexities of an evolving world. As technology advances and global challenges persist, accreditation will continue to empower consumers, industries and governments by supporting quality, safety and sustainability.

To commemorate the day, IAF and ILAC held a webinar with speeches from IAF Chair Emanuele Riva, ILAC Chair Etty Feller, ISO/CASCO Chair Caroline Outa, and WADA representatives Olivier Rabin (Senior Director, Science and Medicine), Victoria Ivanova (Senior Manager, International Partnerships) and Osquel Barroso (Senior Associate Director, Laboratories Science and Medicine). The speakers provided valuable insights into the benefits of accredited conformity assessment and standards across various sectors. They highlighted how accreditation enhances trust, facilitates international trade, and supports the Sustainable Development Goals. View a recording of the webinar here.

IAF and ILAC members held additional celebrations in their own economies or virtually, and published materials to raise awareness of accreditation. Join us in exploring their activities by downloading the PDF with all the celebrations below.

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We eagerly anticipate celebrating with our members and stakeholders again in 2025!