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IAF and ILAC Release New Accreditation Matters Episode

IAF and ILAC have released a new episode of Accreditation Matters, ‘The Role of Accreditation in the Public Sector’. This marks the third podcast in our sub-series on the role of accreditation in the food industry.

The episode is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music, or for viewing on YouTube.

In this episode, Colin Christmas (IAF Working Group Food Co-Convener, IQNET representative) leads a discussion with Cristina Draghici (Director for Conformity Assessment and Consumer Matters, ISO), Cynthia Woodley (COO and psychometrician, Professional Testing Inc.), Elias Rafoul (Vice Chair, ISO/CASCO; Vice President – Accreditation Services, Standards Council of Canada), and Mike O’Neill (Head of Codex Policy and Strategy, UK Food Standards Agency).

Guests highlight the role of standards and accreditation in building trust in supply chains and facilitating trade. They note how it assists regulators in allocating resources, and reduces regulatory burdens on compliant businesses. They also discuss how accredited certification helps to ensure the competence of food safety workers, and the benefits that accredited persons certification provides to regulators.

We hope you enjoy listening to this episode!