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IAF and ILAC Release Final Episode in Podcast Sub-Series

IAF and ILAC have released the final podcast in our Accreditation Matters sub-series on the role of accreditation in the food industry. This episode highlights the importance of accreditation for intergovernmental organizations (IGOs).

The episode is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music, or for viewing on YouTube.

In this episode, Colin Christmas (IAF Working Group Food Co-Convener, IQNET representative) leads a discussion with Ali Badarneh (Division Chief, UNIDO), Joseph Wozniak (Head of Trade for Sustainable Development, International Trade Centre), Margarita Corrales (Food Safety Officer, Pan American Health Organization) and Steve Wearne (Chair, Codex Alimentarius Commission).

Guests discuss the importance of accreditation for industrial development and increasing trade opportunities. They highlight the work of their organizations in areas such as strengthening quality infrastructure systems, helping bodies to achieve accreditation, developing standards, and information distribution.

We hope you enjoy listening to this episode! Access the entire sub-series on the Accreditation Matters podcast channels or the IAF/ILAC YouTube channel.