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Latest Progress and Accomplishments at EA

San Marino Accreditation Service is a new EA Member

San Marino Accreditation Service (SMAS), the National Accreditation Body of San Marino, fulfills the requirement set out in EA-1/17 S1 Criteria for Membership. SMAS becomes a new EA Member.

San Marino Accreditation Service (SMAS) is a small accreditation body with top manager Denis Cecchetti and technical director Linda Sartini.

SMAS is the only National Accreditation Body in the Republic of San Marino. It was established as a division of the Economic Development Agency – Chamber of Commerce S.p.A. (EDA-CC) through the Law No. 71 of 26 May 2004 which provides that the Chamber of Commerce performs a service of public interest. SMAS exists to facilitate the exchange of products and services and conducts the accreditation body function exclusively for certification bodies.

The launch of the National Accreditation Body of San Marino is part of the national strategy to structure the Republic of San Marino as an Official Business Gate. It is also an initiative to align the jurisdiction with international standards in view of the Association Agreement with the EU.

EA has 49 Members from the European Union and the European Neighbourhood Policy. Click here to access the full Directory of EA Members, and here to access to SMAS website.

Click here to read the full interview of SMAS.


EA organized two training sessions: one Refresher Training for Team Members (TM) authorized for Product certification and Inspection, and one Train the trainer course on ISO 15189:2022.

The Refresher Training for TM authorized for Product certification and Inspection covered the outcome of the application review, criteria for selection of team members, witnessing, decision-making process, latest EA MAC Decisions, documents related to the peer evaluation process, revision of EA-2/02 EA Procedure for the evaluation of a National Accreditation Body following the completion of the re-engineering project, and MS Teams under EA One Drive – the platform used for peer evaluations.

The Train the Trainer course on ISO 15189:2022 focused on the relevant changes of the new standard ISO 15189:2022 and where particular focus is needed.


Publication of three EA Reports

EA published three reports between May and July 2023:

  • The EA MLA Report, with comprehensive information about the EA MLA for the period 2022
  • The EA Annual Report, in pdf and online for the first time, which highlights EA’s main activities for 2022
  • The EA IAF/ILAC Regions Report for the period January-July 2023, with a complete update of EA peer evaluations and signatories of the EA MLA, as well as the major activities and developments in EA for the period


Approval of the Memorandum of Understanding on the European Quality Infrastructure
The General Assembly approved the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between CEN, CENELEC, EA, EURAMET, and WELMEC on creating and implementing the European Quality Infrastructure. This MoU aims to create the European Ql Network, a partnership of regional quality infrastructure organizations that collaborate to strengthen the Quality Infrastructure in Europe.


Video on the EU Emission Trading System
EA released a video on the EU Emission Trading System (ETS) and the role of accreditation. The EU ETS is the first international emissions trading system. It was established in 2005 and remains the largest carbon market. It is a vital part of the EU policy to counteract climate change and a tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions cost-efficiently.

Click here to watch the video.

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News from EIAC

EIAC celebrated World Accreditation Day

The Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) celebrated world accreditation day. In line with this year’s theme “Supporting the Future of Global Trade” EIAC arranged various activities with the collaboration of stakeholders and regulatory authorities. The main event was held in the JW Marriot Marquis hotel in Dubai. The event was attended by representatives from accredited conformity assessment bodies, Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, UAE, Dubai Health Authority, Food Safety Department and industry. Addressing the audience, Ms. Amina Ahmed Mohammed, the Chief Executive Officer of the Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC), highlighted the importance of accreditation and the role the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and International Accreditation Forum (IAF) play in supporting global trade. She said the future of global trade is expected to be technology driven where globally recognized standards will have utmost importance. Dr. Farah Al Zarooni, Assistant Undersecretary of UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, addressed the gathering saying UAE in general and Dubai specifically, have become a global hub for trading. She highlighted the various government initiatives in supporting global trade through developing standardized and efficient inspection methods and adopting technological advancement in ports and shipping operations. A panel discussion titled “from local to global” was also part of the event.


EIAC CEO Ms. Amina Ahmed Mohammed addressing the World Accreditation Day celebrations

Safety of Fairground & Amusement Equipment is paramount

In 2022, the UAE has seen significant growth in the travel and tourism sector that has contributed to 9% of the total GDP, while Dubai alone has seen a growth of 53.8% compared to 2021. According to “Euromonitor’s Top 10 City Destinations Index 2022”, Dubai was ranked the second most visited city in the world.

Addressing a tourism seminar in Dubai, Ms. Amina Ahmed Mohammed, the Chief Executive Officer of the Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC), said Dubai is a popular destination for amusement parks equipped with advanced indoor and outdoor amusement equipment, serving millions of visitors yearly. Other Emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) including Abu Dhabi are also home of various branded theme parks. Thus, safety of fairground and amusement equipment used in these parks is paramount. She said the EIAC’s accreditation schemes for inspection bodies in Fairground and Amusement Equipment provides assurances to the public about the safety of amusement rides and play areas. Ms. Amina Ahmed Mohammed said EIAC also has an accreditation scheme for the certification of persons who are working in the amusement parks and fairgrounds, that further enhances the prospects of safe operations in the sector. It was further noted that the EIAC’s accreditations are globally recognized.

The leisure and entertainment sector plays a vital role in achieving the ‘UAE Tourism Strategy 2031’ that aims to significantly increase the tourism sector’s contribution to the nation’s economy.

Addressing the seminar, Engr. Yousef Ahmed Aljasmi, the Director of Inspection Bodies Accreditation Department of EIAC, provided input on EIAC’s plans in reinforcing the quality infrastructure of the Leisure and Entertainment sector by continually supporting the development of the local Inspection and testing bodies in collaboration with regulators and stakeholders. Engr. Yousef said the EIAC’s accreditation scheme covers the design review, manufacturing process, initial and in-service examinations and inspections.

Engineer Yousef Ahmed Al Jasmi addressing the seminar

EIAC’s unique and new accreditation scheme for certification bodies

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the home of people from more than 200 nationalities. The concepts of tolerance and coexistence in the UAE are considered fundamental in maintaining social harmony and peace based on cultural pluralism, accepting others, and rejecting discrimination, hatred, and intolerance in society. The UAE has issued UAE Standard UAE.S 5037: 2021 “Tolerance and Coexistence” for promotion of tolerance and coexistence.

The Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) has launched a new accreditation scheme for management systems certification bodies according to ISO 17021-1 main accreditation criteria for UAE S. 5037: 2021 “Tolerance and Coexistence management systems.

The Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) is also working to launch a new accreditation scheme for persons certification bodies in collaboration with Health and Safety Department of Dubai Municipality. The main accreditation criteria is ISO 17024 and the scheme is for the certification of “Health and Safety officers for labor accommodations”.

EIAC attended IAF-ILAC and ARAC mid-term meetings

Delegations of Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) attended the mid-term meetings of IAF-ILAC and ARAC. THE IAF-ILAC mid-term meetings were held in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the ARAC mid-term meetings were held in Manama, Bahrain. Ms. Amina Ahmed Mohammed, CEO of EIAC, and the current chair of ARAC lead the EIAC delegations. Delegates from member bodies attended the meetings.

EIAC’s delegation attended IAF-ILAC and ARAC mid-term meetings

EIAC conducted various trainings for laboratories and inspection bodies

The Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) has conducted various trainings for laboratories and inspection bodies in specialized sectors.

A special workshop for the accredited Inspection Bodies in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020 & ILAC P15 was conducted. The target audience of the workshop was the inspection bodies that are working in the field of inspections of Fairground and Amusement Equipment for the scope of independent (in-service) examination. The aim of this workshop was to enrich the market with locally based Inspection Bodies to sustain the continuity of businesses managing a variety of complex attractions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates.

ISO/IEC 17025 training for experts of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) was conducted in Abu Dhabi in June. Mr. Ahmed Saad Was the resource person.

EIAC’s training for inspection bodies for amusement parks and fairgrounds inspection

EIAC’s training on ISO/IEC 17025

EIAC’s training on ISO/IEC 17020

Training on proficiency testing was conducted in July in Dubai with Mr. Mohammad Saaed as the resource person.

Training for medical laboratories was conducted in September and Dr. Venkatesh Thuppil was the main resource person.

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EUROLAB events

EUROLAB (the European Federation of National Associations of Measurement, Testing and Analytical Laboratories) is glad to share upcoming international initiatives that you are welcome to join:


EUROLAB webinar on sustainability in the laboratory “Build a sustainability culture in your lab”

The upcoming EUROLAB webinar “Build a sustainability culture in your lab. Learn about the latest policy developments and innovative best practices from key experts in the field” will take place online on 29 November 2023 in the afternoon and 30 November 2023 in the morning.

It aims to raise awareness on the framework of EU legislations regulating sustainability aspects in the laboratory field and standardisation activities on the matter, as well as to identify the key practices and challenges from the various invited stakeholders.

The first part of this webinar will focus on a selection of the current EU legislations and policies under development or recently adopted in the framework of the European Green Deal. It will also include standardisation developments at the international level. In the second part of the webinar, more practical aspects will be touched upon, focusing specifically on the benefits and challenges of implementing more sustainable practices in laboratories. Concrete case studies and examples will be presented by laboratory practitioners showcasing current green strategies available and identify the main obstacles to further advancements.

More information is available on our website, the link to register and the program will be published soon.

If you wish to be added to our mailing list and be informed about the developments regarding this and other webinars and events, please contact us at info@eurolab.org


EUROLAB joins the Labsummit® 2024 as Institutional Sponsor

EUROLAB is one of the institutional sponsors of the Labsummit® 2024, taking place on 16-18 May 2024 in Coimbra (Portugal), jointly organised by RELACRE, ISQ and Ambidata.

The international event aims to bring together professionals from the laboratory industry, scientists and policy makers, managers and administrators, students, and all those interested in discussing the latest trends, technologies, and challenges of the present and future in the field of laboratories.

It focuses on four distinct pillars – Laboratory, Digital, Productivity and Sustainability – which represent the main concerns and challenges faced by laboratory professionals who are constantly seeking valuable solutions and information to improve the efficiency, quality and sustainability of laboratory processes.

Labsummit® will also provide a conducive environment for learning, collaboration and innovation in the field of laboratories, encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences among participants. The event will feature expert lectures, successful case presentations, panel discussions, exhibitors, workshops and networking opportunities.

Further information is available on the event website: https://www.labsummit.com/
You can also apply to become a speaker or an exhibitor.

Early bird registration opens soon!


IMEKO Joint Conference TC8, TC11, TC24 and EUROLAB National Members’ Meeting 2023

The Joint Conference of IMEKO TC8 Traceability in Metrology, TC11 Measurement in Testing and TC24 Chemical Measurements is taking place in Funchal, on the Island of Madeira in Portugal, from 11 to 13 October 2023.

Following the success of the Joint Conference held in Cavtat-Dubrovnik (Croatia) in 2022, and to strengthen the long tradition of cooperation between IMEKO Technical Committees, RELACRE (the Portuguese Association of Accredited Laboratories) is organising the 2023 Joint Conference, together with IMEKO TC8, TC11 and TC24, LNEC and EUROLAB.

The event will bring together the TIC community, academia and industry, promoting the latest advancements in science and technology in many fields of measurement.
More information on the program is available here.

EUROLAB National Members’ Meeting will take place along with the International IMEKO Conference, kindly hosted by RELACRE. It will be an important occasion for our members and stakeholders not only to discuss the latest key issues for EUROLAB and the world of laboratories, but also to attend the IMEKO Joint Conference TC8, TC11, TC24 and anticipate the celebrations for the World Standards Day on 14 October.


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The AFRAC Mid-Term Meetings for the year 2023 were held in Tunisia from 12th to 16th June 2023. The ILAC MCC and IAF CMC meetings were also held at the same venue from the 17th to 18th June 2023. The meetings were exceptionally busy, given the significant number of subcommittees, working groups and Task Forces currently facilitating the implementation of key work items captured in the AFRAC Strategic plan. The Mid-term meetings provided an opportunity to engage with like-minded persons in harnessing opportunities within the continent in the enhancement of accreditation and accredited conformity assessments and mutual recognition both regionally and globally. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, allow me to walk you, in pictorial form, through the meetings that were held.

Dr. Ron Josias, the AFRAC Chair during the Opening Ceremony

The Minister for Trade and Industry, Tunisia, CEO TUNAC and the AFRAC Chair

AFRAC Delegates following proceedings at the Technical Subcommittees

Critical Thinking focusing on next steps

TUNAC Delegates following proceedings

TUNAC Delegates following proceedings


Technical Committee Meeting Chaired by Thabo Chesalokile of SANAS


In addition to the standard meetings there was an awareness session on the AfCFTA led by the Head of Non-Tariff Measures: Ms Deneswaree Mohun highlighting the following AfCFTA Priority Areas:

  1. Strengthening institutional capacity and stakeholder engagement
  2. Conclude outstanding negotiations
  3. Private sector development and resource mobilization
  4. Value chain development and industrialization.

Awareness session on the AfCFTA

Ms Deneswaree Mohun

Non-Tariff Measures are a broad range of policy measures other than tariffs that impact trade. They include NTBs (Standards, regulations, licensing requirements, quotas, TBT and other measures that create obstacles to entry of goods and services) and Non-Tariff facilitation measures. These are measures designed to simplify and expedite trade processes and can include customs procedures, trade facilitation agreements, electronic documentation and single window systems. They aim to streamline trade operations and reduce costs and time associated with importing and exporting)

Training on IAF MD25 conducted by Sonia and Ghada of TUNAC

Training on IAF MD25 conducted by Sonia and Ghada of TUNAC
AFRAC Members attended a training session, both physically and virtually, on IAF MD 25. IAF MD 25 helps in evaluating schemes like FSSC 22000, Welders, Fire safety inspection, GHG Verification standard, GSO for Halal, Global Gap and BRC among others. It exempts those schemes laid down in regulation, international, regional or National standards e.g. ISO 9001 / ISO 14001, etc. The regulators are encouraged to follow IAF MD 25.

AFRAC members attend the Joint ILAC MCC & IAF CMC Mid-Term Meeting

AFRAC also hosted the ILAC MCC/IAF CMC meeting. Where in addition to the standardized agenda items discussions on the development of the ILAC/IAF one organization project and the plans for rebranding of the one organization when the time comes were held. An awareness session was also carried out for AFRAC Members addressing the following topics:
  •  How to create a marketing campaign by Maha Alhasin;
  • How to manage communication activities at regional level by Zaki Alrubaei; and
  • Digital Marketing & the latest trend and Managing digital and marketing data from Islam Aziz.
It was noted that AFRAC needs to do more to establish its presence within the continent. A key takeaway was to engage the IAF MCC Chair, Brahim Houla to assist in the production of videos for Accreditation in Africa in support of AfCFTA. 
Susanah M-Ochieng
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CNAS: Inspection Body Accreditation in the Field of Urban Roads and Urban Sewers

Municipal pipelines such as water supply and drainage, electricity, gas and communication are buried under urban roads which are affected by vehicle load, vibration, groundwater level and other factors. Disasters such as pavement collapse and cracking, are easily caused which result in inconvenience to urban production and life and may even cause personal injury. This is particularly the case in recent years, with the further expansion of the urban scale and the increasing density of underground pipe network in some cities. Geological disasters of urban roads are occurring frequently, which has attracted the increased attention of the municipal departments and the general public.


Similarly, the application of robot technology in the inspection of internal defects of urban sewer and non-excavation pipeline repair technology has attracted wide attention because of the advantages of high repair efficiency and low repair cost.


After a period of service, the materials used in urban roads and urban sewers gradually age and their functions decline potentially resulting in geological disasters and potential safety hazards. In order to find the potential safety hazards and take measures to eliminate them, it is necessary to regularly evaluate the risk of urban road underground failures and the internal defects of urban sewer. Since accreditation is an affirmation of the management and technical competence of the inspection body, there is an increasing demand for accreditation in the competence of risk evaluation in underground failures related to urban roads and the competence in internal defect evaluation of urban sewers.


CNAS has actively responded to the accreditation needs in the above fields organizing experts to study and discuss the characteristics and technical requirements of inspection and testing activities in these two fields, and promote accreditation of the inspection bodies. Following analysis, the inspection items for urban roads is the detection and evaluation of attributable characteristics of underground failures such as cavities underneath the pavement, voids, loosely infilled voids, water-rich voids in the area using detection methods such as ground penetrating radar method for urban roads according to relevant technical standards, and to carry out a risk evaluation. The inspection items for urban sewers are sewer defects and condition evaluation, including the detection of structural and functional defects of urban sewers using closed circuit television inspection and quick view pipe inspection methods using the relevant technical standards Then to evaluate and judge the structural and functional conditions of the sewer and calculate the rehabilitation index and maintenance index. These two types of activities include the typical characteristics of inspection activities. Therefore, inspection accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020 is applicable.


CNAS is accrediting inspection bodies in these two technical fields. Competence in the detection and evaluation of underground failures in urban roads and sewer defect and condition evaluation of urban sewers is accredited according to the inspection body accreditation standard ISO/IEC 17020. As of August 2023, in the above fields, a total of 31 inspection bodies have been accredited by CNAS, with more inspection bodies currently in the process of seeking accreditation for these activities.

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NCA, Kazakhstan: Referee for reference laboratories

Reference laboratories are not referred to in the context of accreditation as often as calibration or testing laboratories. However, during COVID-19 epidemic, it was reference laboratories that came into the focus of increased public attention due to stories about the possibility of their production of dangerous bacteria and viruses, which at some point, intentionally or accidentally, can break out of the laboratory walls. This reputational risk was unexpectedly raised in relation to the reference laboratories of Kazakhstan potential involvement in the development of biological weapons. As a full member of ILAC, the National Center of Accreditation (NCA) of the Republic of Kazakhstan would like to tell you about how the activities of reference laboratories are regulated in our country.


Kazakhstan is an exceptionally peaceful country, where more than 100 nationalities live in harmony on a large territory. Commitment to everything that contributes to the continuation of this peaceful life is not just a national ideology – it is woven into the consciousness and subconsciousness of Kazakhstanis. Therefore, any accusations of unseemly actions against human civilization are perceived very painfully in our country.


The history of 2020 ended well when diplomats and the scientific community of our country explained to the public how and what reference laboratories actually work on, and that their activities are kept in strict accordance with the scope of accreditation, that is, exclusively for medical and civil purposes.


There are seven reference laboratories in Kazakhstan. Their listing is approved by the order of the Minister of Health of Kazakhstan, and it is impossible to get into this list without permission and control.


In the Council of Europe, reference laboratories are structural divisions of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, and the tasks that they solve are carried out under the control of the Ministry.


In the Council of Europe, reference laboratories of Kazakhstan are accredited entities under the national standard of ST RK ISO 15195-2018 “Laboratory medicine. Requirements for reference measurement laboratories”, identical to the international standard ISO 15195:2018 Laboratory medicine – Requirements for reference measurement laboratories. Of course, this is not a new standard for the world of standardization, but given 30-years of experience as an independent state, Kazakhstan sees it as a good tool for improving the country’s healthcare system.


Thus, as an accreditation center, we would like to once again remind you of the importance of reference laboratories that focus on studying microorganisms to protect humanity from possible harm.

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APAC Annual Meeting Held in Anaheim, California

The 2023 Asia Pacific Accreditation Body Cooperation (APAC) Annual Meeting took place from June 23 to July 1, 2023, at the JW Marriott Resort in Anaheim, California. This marked a significant milestone as it was the first in-person annual meeting for APAC since 2019, due to the pandemic. The event drew over 150 delegates from 27 economies who came together for this important gathering.


The APAC 2023 meeting was hosted by APAC’s Full Members based in the United States of America, which included the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs (AIHA-LAP), ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB), International Accreditation Service (IAS), IOAS, Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. (PJLA), and United Accreditation Foundation (UAF).


The event’s schedule commenced on Friday, June 23, with a select group participating in the APAC-PTB ADAPT WG / PSC Meeting. Additionally, the APAC MRA Management Committee meeting, the Executive Committee meeting and a two-day APAC Nominated Evaluator Training were held starting on June 24th. Over the weekend, members of the Joint ILAC/IAF Communication & Marketing (CMC) also convened for discussions.


The official Opening Session took place on Monday, June 26th, and began with a warm welcome from Jennifer Evans, APAC Chair, and CEO of NATA. Jennifer was followed by Raj Nathan, APAC Vice Chair and President of IAS, who extended a warm welcome on behalf of the host economy, the United States. Raj also introduced the leaders of all the U.S. Host Accreditation Bodies.

The Opening Session featured a cultural presentation by Red Boy Productions, a Native American Dance Troupe that showcased traditional dances from multiple tribes and provided insight into their culture. The Opening Session also featured presentations from notable individuals such as Stephen Faessel, Anaheim City Council Member; Kent Shigetomi, Director of the Multilateral Non-Tariff Barriers Office at the U.S. Trade Representative; Rick Titus, Accreditation Assets & Strategy Manager for UL Solutions; Sam Palmer, Former Assistant Director for the Clark County Department of Building and Fire Safety in Las Vegas, Nevada; DeAnn Benesh, Past President of AOAC International; and Osama Younan, General Manager and Superintendent for the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. These presentations primarily centered on the regulatory perspectives of accreditation and the significance of mutual recognition across international borders.


The Opening Session concluded with a panel discussion featuring presentations by members of the U.S. host accreditation bodies. The theme for the panel discussion was “United States and Accredited Conformity Assessment Structure in Support of Global Supply Chains”. The presentations and discussions underscored how the United States has benefited from the principles of the World Trade Organization, including the promotion of fair competition among Accreditation Bodies. It was highlighted that the presence of multiple Accreditation Bodies competing within the same market in the U.S. has positively impacted promptness, customer service, and, most importantly, choice. To cap off Monday evening, a Welcome Reception was held on the rooftop of the J.W. Marriott, featuring a DJ for entertainment and a breathtaking view of the fireworks display from Disneyland.

Throughout the week, delegates actively participated in Working Groups and Technical Committee meetings, addressing the MLA/MRA activities of APAC. The APAC Communication & Promotion Committee also convened to explore ways to promote accreditation and highlight the work undertaken by the various APAC committees.


With the APAC community reuniting in person after four years, the overarching theme was to “Celebrate Accreditation”. The hosts organized several social events for members. One of the standout moments of the meeting was the Hollywood-themed Cocktail Reception and Official Banquet Dinner held on Thursday evening. Participants particularly enjoyed the live music, magician performances, and caricature artists that added to the evening’s entertainment.


Upon the conclusion of the APAC 2023 Annual Meetings, the host economy distributed a survey link to gather feedback from attendees regarding the Annual Meeting. Attendees expressed high satisfaction with various aspects of the event, however noted opportunities to shorten the meeting timeframe. Overwhelmingly, attendees noted that face-to-face interactions with both familiar and new colleagues were a highlight of the Annual Meetings.

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SAAC Celebrates World Accreditation Day 2023

The Saudi Accreditation Center (SAAC) held the World Accreditation Day Forum 2023 on June 8, 2023, in Riyadh with its third edition, under the theme “Accreditation and Promoting the Future of International Trade”. The event witnessed the attendance of several distinguished guests, officials, representatives from both the government and private sectors, in addition to numerous experts in the accreditation field.

Dr. Adel bin Abdul Rahman Al-Qaid, the Executive Director of the Saudi Accreditation Center, opened the ceremonies with a welcoming speech, in which he emphasized the importance of accreditation in promoting international trade, and the role of quality infrastructure in establishing reliable local and global supply chains.

The forum held two discussion sessions: starting with “the Quality of Saudi Industry as Insurance to Accessing Global Markets”, which addressed the active role of accreditation bodies in increasing the appeal of local products and promoting them in different markets, while the second session entitled “the Role of Quality in Supporting Global Supply Chains” discussed the efficiency of establishing a local infrastructure that’s capable of supporting local supply chains to become an integral part of the global supply network.

The Saudi Accreditation Center always ensures that World Accreditation Day is commemorated, in conjunction with the International Accreditation Forum “IAF”, the International Laboratory Accreditation Organization “ILAC”, as well as international accreditation bodies around the world. This is based on the strategic objectives of SAAC to enhance the quality infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to reach the top 10 globally by 2030.

It’s worth mentioning that the forum witnessed a significant attendance of 400 registered participants, and the sessions hosted 8 speakers, including 5 government representatives, and 3 from private companies.


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New episode of Accreditation Matters Podcast Out Now!

IAF and ILAC have released the fifth episode of our podcast, Accreditation Matters, which features discussions on Accreditation’s Vital Role in Shaping the Future of Sustainability.

In this episode, IAF Chair Emanuele Riva (Accredia) interviews the IAF Sustainability WG Co-convener Cesare Saccani (President of Diligentia Association) on how accreditation bodies support the credibility and reliability of sustainability claims in various sectors, including finance, public procurement, and international trade. The podcast also highlights the convergence of regulatory frameworks worldwide, emphasizing the need for a common standard to evaluate sustainability claims accurately.

Listen to the episode now on SpotifyApple PodcastGoogle Podcasts or Amazon Music, or watch it on YouTube.

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Signatory status – NA, Norway

The signatory status of Norsk akkreditering (NA), Norway, to the ILAC MRA has been extended to include Reference Materials Producers (ISO 17034).

The full list of signatories to the ILAC MRA is available from https://ilac.org/signatory-search/ .

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