Latest revisions of ILAC P9 and G18 Published

ILAC P9:01/2024 – ILAC Policy for Proficiency Testing and/or Interlaboratory comparisons other than Proficiency Testing

This document sets out the policy for accreditation bodies on the use of proficiency testing activities in the accreditation process.


ILAC G18:01/2024 – Guideline for describing Scopes of Accreditation

The purpose of this publication is to provide guidance to accreditation bodies in describing scopes of accreditation in order to allow an effective and harmonised application among ILAC MRA signatories in relation to the relevant International Standards. One of the key roles of an accreditation body is to ensure (to an adequate degree of confidence) that the conformity assessment body has the competence to perform all of the services defined in the scope of accreditation. The description and assessment of the scope of accreditation therefore represents the core of the accreditation process.


P9 is available here and G18 is available here.