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IAF and ILAC Launch Podcast Sub-Series on Food

IAF and ILAC have released a new episode of their podcast, Accreditation Matters, which features discussions with international experts on important matters to the international quality infrastructure community and the way that accreditation supports industry, regulators, global trade, consumers, and the drive towards sustainability.


‘The Role of Accreditation in the Food Sector’ is the first episode of a mini-series that will examine the importance of accreditation and accredited conformity assessment in the food industry. The sub-series will highlight topics such as the role of accreditation in ensuring food safety, supporting sustainability, and confirming regulatory compliance.


In this episode, IAF WG Food Co-Convener Colin Christmas (EAGLE Certification Group, IQNET Member) leads a discussion with IAF WG Food Co-Convener Wolfram Hartmann (DAkkS), IAF MLA Committee Chair Kylie Sheehan (JASANZ), Vani Bhambri Arora (UAF), and Skip Greenaway (EAGLE Certification Group). Guests highlight the importance of IAF and ILAC, types of conformity assessment relating to the food industry, main standards and schemes, and the process used for endorsement of schemes under the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA).


Listen to the episode now on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts or Amazon Music, or watch it on YouTube.