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TC24 – Notice of IMEKO Web discussion – 30 April

Event: 45-minute Discussion Club “IMEKO Talks on Chemical Measurements”
Organised by: IMEKO TC24 “Chemical Measurements”

Topic: An Overview of Chemical Metrology Activities in the Philippines

Chemical metrology in the Philippines encompasses a broad spectrum of activities aimed at ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and comparability of chemical measurements. The focus lies on developing reference materials and implementing proficiency testing schemes for the accurate measurement of contaminants and additives in food and water. These efforts are crucial for safeguarding public health by ensuring the safety and quality of food products consumed by the population. Reference materials play a pivotal role in calibrating analytical instruments and validating measurement methods, thus enabling consistent and reliable results across different testing laboratories. Proficiency testing schemes further enhance the competency of local testing laboratories, including those in private, academic, and government institutions, by providing regular assessments of their measurement capabilities. This collaborative approach not only strengthens the country’s capacity to monitor and regulate food safety but also fosters trust in the integrity of the Philippine food industry both domestically and internationally.

Alleni T. Junsay graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a master’s degree in Chemistry, now serving as the head of the Metrology in Chemistry Section within the National Metrology Division of the Industrial Technology Development Institute, under the Department of Science and Technology. Her role involves overseeing the production of reference materials and implementing proficiency testing schemes for chemical measurements, ensuring accuracy and reliability in scientific endeavours.

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