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Redefinition of the SI (International System of Units)

The SI is a globally-agreed system of measurements used to ensure our everyday units of measurement, for example the kilogram, metre and second remain comparable and consistent world wide. The world’s scientific and technical community is about to agree to the redefinition of four of the seven base units for the SI to ensure the system continues to meet the future demands for measurements and science. A vote to adopt the change will be held on November 16, 2018 at the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) at the Palais des Congrès in Versailles.

Check out the video available from https://ilac.org/publications-and-resources/videos/ and the BIPM website https://www.bipm.org/en/the-si/ for more details.

Information on the ILAC – BIPM relationship is available from https://ilac.org/about-ilac/partnerships/international-partners/bipm/