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ODAC and CODIA sign a collaboration agreement

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
March 21st, 2024

The Dominican Accreditation Body (ODAC) and the Dominican College of Engineers, Architects, and Surveyors (CODIA) signed a collaboration agreement that will enable the management of projects to benefit the construction sector.

The agreement was signed by the director of ODAC, Ángel David Taveras Difo, and the president of CODIA, Juan Villar González, with the aim of contributing to the institutional strengthening of both entities.

Ángel David Taveras Difo valued the signing of the agreement, which will be a great contribution to strengthening the quality infrastructure and confidence, in the acquisition of products and services.

“The signing of this agreement reaffirms our commitment to quality and the generation of trust in the country’s construction sector, whose activities directly impact the growth of commerce, tourism, and consequently, the Dominican economy, and of course, the safety of the Dominicans,” said the official.

The agreement establishes that CODIA will prepare a regulatory resolution that establishes a proposal for the ODAC accreditation process for conformity assessment bodies.

In addition, it contemplates the joint development of training programs that facilitate the training of technical or managerial personnel of both entities, taking care of compliance with the impartiality requirements by international standards and criteria.