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MAURITAS holds Training Course on ISO 15189:2022

In the ever-evolving realm of healthcare, adherence to internationally recognized standards is of utmost importance to ensure quality, reliability, and credibility of laboratory services. The ISO 15189 standard, updated in December 2022, serves as a cornerstone for quality management and technical competence in medical laboratories.

The Mauritius Accreditation Service (MAURITAS) has, as of now, accredited 7 medical laboratories in accordance with ISO 15189:2012, “Medical Laboratories – Requirements for quality and competence’’, for a total of 148 parameters in the medical subfields of immunology, biochemistry, haematology and microbiology. Recognizing the importance of staying abreast of the updates to the standard, MAURITAS organised a training course from 05 to 08 February 2024, for its staff, assessors and other stakeholders.

Dr Sambhu Chakraborty and the 21 participants


Participants during the training course

Mr Chankar Bheekhun (L), Accreditation Manager of MAURITAS
presenting a souvenir gift to Dr Sambhu Chakraborty (R)


The training course was facilitated by Dr. Sambhu Chakraborty from the Institute of Applied Quality Management & IAQM Consultants Pvt Ltd, India. With his expertise, Dr. Chakraborty guided the 21 participants through an intensive curriculum that covered various aspects of the ISO 15189:2022 standard and its practical implications. Participants had the opportunity to network with industry peers, forge valuable connections, and build a community committed to upholding standards of excellence in laboratory practice.

This training course has equipped professionals with the knowledge and skills to navigate the revised standard, and drive continuous improvement within the medical laboratory sector.