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A new brand for ONAC - ILAC

To be is as essential as to look and at the National Accreditation Body of Colombia – ONAC, we are convinced that the evolution we have been cultivating for some time now and our willingness to change for the better must be reflected not only in our actions, but also in our “look and feel”; in that important part that connects with all our audiences.

Therefore, thinking about ONAC’s purpose as a permanent promoter of accreditation, understood as a fundamental activity for a sustainable economic development supporting and strengthening the country’s quality infrastructure, we carried out a review process of all aspects of such an organization. We contrasted it against our values and evolution during the last years, leading to a comprehensive redesign of our brand, achieving greater alignment with our strategic objectives, our organizational evolution, and the promise of connecting the quality of Colombia with the rest of the world in order to increasingly help position the country´s image and enhance its international recognition. ONAC is an ally inviting all its stakeholders to continue consolidating it as a Hub Catalyst of the world of quality that generates trust, through inspiring and convening leadership.   

As a result of this evolution, the new logo that identifies the National Accreditation Body of Colombia was redesigned, and with it, the new Accredited and Associate ONAC Symbols, as shown below. Additionally, a new accreditation certificate was designed to reflect the new brand, which is already being used.


ONAC’s Logo





Accredited Symbol and Associate Symbol






Accreditation Certificate