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» WAD 2023 Poster Contest Runner-Up

Congratulations to Zhang Meng for taking second place in the IAF and ILAC WAD 2023 poster competition, and to Joshua Egahi-Ojo Alhassan for taking third. Both were awarded USD 500.

Second Place Winner – Zhang Meng

Zhang Meng is a designer and founder of the Shanpu Design Studio. He is the logo designer of the China Africa Economic and Trade Fair, the logo designer of the 2020 World Cultural Heritage Annual Conference, and the winner of the second and third place prizes of the 2022 World Accreditation Day poster contest.

What was your inspiration for your design and how does it illustrate this year’s theme?

I selected three key words relating to this year’s theme: global trade, support, and future. I then used these words to define my design elements, which include connected nodes, interwoven lines, supporting hands, and a dark blue futuristic style.

How does your poster illustrate this year’s theme?

The poster showcases the Earth as its central element, with various nodes connected and interlaced to form a network, symbolizing the supply chain or trade network and carrying the connotation of global trade. A hand holds the globe, conveying the message of support. The poster has a futuristic, sci-fi style, reflecting expectations and visions for the future.


Third Place Winner – Joshua Egahi-Ojo Alhassan

Joshua Egahi-Ojo Alhassan is a graphic and motion graphic designer from Kogi State, Nigeria with a B.Sc in Information Technology from Salem University. He has carried out design projects for the West Africa Quality System Programme (WAQSP), the African Accreditation Cooperation (AFRAC), the Nigerian National Accreditation System (NiNAS) and currently serves as the lead designer for SolaVieve Technologies.

What was the inspiration behind your design?

The theme for World Accreditation Day 2023 had me thinking about global trade and all it encompasses. I pictured the world as a small unit void of poverty, substandard infrastructure, discrimination, gender inequality, and economic stagnation. I also thought of the role accreditation plays in promoting quality, building trust and solidifying relationships across almost every sector. This inspired me to create a design capturing the desired future of global trade.

How does your poster illustrate this year’s theme?

The poster highlights some of the Sustainable Development Goals found in the theme. The breakdown is as follows:

  1. The handshake (SDGs 5: Gender Equality; 10: Reduced Inequalities; 17: Partnerships for the Goals): This symbolizes partnership around the globe regardless of gender, race, or orientation as long as competence is assured. The colors used for both hands represent male and female.
  2. The upward arrow (SDGs 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth; 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure): The upward arrow illustrates growth or progress and it takes on the form of a road which symbolizes infrastructure. Growth in this sector not only facilitates trade but also leads to job creation which tackles poverty and hunger.
  3. The coins (SDGs 1: No Poverty; 2: Zero Hunger; 3: Good Health and Well-Being; 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth): The coins represent money, the importance of which cannot be overemphasized. Money tackles poverty, hunger and is used to pay for healthcare. Furthermore, it is a very essential factor in trade and it facilitates economic growth.
  4. The cargo ship on sea (SDGs 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth; 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; 1: No Poverty; 17: Partnerships for the Goals.): This symbolizes trade in motion.

Every element represented shows the relationship between the highlighted SDGs and how they come together to create an environment favourable for global trade.