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Use this directory to find an accreditation body in the economy where you require the calibrations, testing or inspections to be carried out. You can also search their online directory via the link provided for some accreditation bodies.

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Hellenic Accreditation System - ESYD
  • Calibration: ISO/IEC 1702522 May 2004
  • Testing: ISO/IEC 1702522 May 2004
  • Medical Testing: ISO 1518922 May 2004
  • Inspection: ISO/IEC 1702030 Nov 2012
  • Proficiency Testing Providers: ISO/IEC 1704304 Jun 2019
Accredited Facilities

Hong Kong Accreditation Service
  • Calibration: ISO/IEC 1702502 Nov 2000
  • Testing: ISO/IEC 1702502 Nov 2000
  • Medical Testing: ISO 1518902 Nov 2000
  • Inspection: ISO/IEC 1702024 Oct 2012
  • Proficiency Testing Providers: ISO/IEC 1704302 Oct 2019
Accredited Facilities