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The Walbrook AI Accord

An article explaining the Walbrook AI Accord as presented at the April 2024  INetQI meeting: 

A global initiative providing ways in which professionals and firms worldwide can respond to the ethical challenges of Artificial Intelligence 

AI has the potential to affect society and individuals materially in both positive and negative ways. Without ethical guidelines and regulations in place, the misuse or mishandling of data can result in harm to individuals or groups. As AI becomes more advanced and widespread, there are growing concerns about issues such as bias, transparency, accountability, and safety.

The Walbrook AI Accord has launched an initiative to develop ethical AI standards. Initially the standards are embodied in course for professionals working with AI. The Initiative has now moved to promote standards for firm-wide certification. The approach is international rather than national, and promotes the use of existing ISO standards rather than the creation of new ones.

The Walbrook Accord serves as an invitation to collaborate on a voluntary and non-binding basis. It serves as a conduit to unify our collective endeavours and foster stronger connections over time. We are gratified by the support from ISO, IAF and other organisations. There is no set deadline for participation and we look forward to others joining. This initiative is inclusive and open to all.

The primary focus of the Accord is to facilitate three tangible outcomes:

• Advocating for the adoption of Quality Infrastructure for AI assurance;
• Developing assurance standards and methodologies; and
• Facilitating training and skill development for AI assurance professionals

We hope that INetQI and its members will endorse this initiative and help propel it to the next phase, ultimately establishing a robust assurance framework for the ethical deployment of AI. This will enable enterprises to demonstrate that their AI systems are safe, compliant, and aligned with societal values.

From the Lord mayor’s website:

“We are promoting the use of ISO/IEC 42001:2023 Artificial Intelligence – Management System by firms. For comparison, this is an organisational certification similar to ISO 9000, ISO 14000, etc. At the TIC Summit 2024, being held on 14 May in Brussels, representatives of more than 25 nations’ quality infrastructure bodies will be signing the Walbrook AI QI Accord.”

Matt Gantley’s responses to FAQs

Can you please clarify how ILAC members can endorse the initiative?
There is no limit – the Walbrook AI Accord is an invitation to collaborate

Are the individual ILAC members able to sign the Walbrook AI Accord?
Yes they can agree to support it individually. We would hope that ILAC can support it at an international level so that the initiatives and outcome of the Accord can be shared with all ILAC members. Especially for AI testing and training/skills development.

If so, what is the mechanism, i.e. who do they need to contact to progress their endorsement of the Walbrook AI Accord?
We haven’t agreed a process for lodging support – but for now if ILAC or any ILAC members email Matt Gantley or Hanane Taidi we will make sure they are included in all the communications and the first round of organisations expressing support.

You can read more of the 695th Lord Mayor’s Ethical AI Initiative here:

You can access the slide presentation from the recent INetQI meeting here: and the accompanying Agenda paper here: