JCTLM workshop: Global challenges in standardization of clinical laboratory testing

The JCTLM is holding its biennial meeting and associated workshop virtually from 6 – 10 December 2021. The topic for the workshop this year is: Overcoming challenges to global standardization of clinical laboratory testing: reference materials and regulations

The workshop will be held as two 2-hour discussion sessions on three separate topics and ending with a final combined session to develop workshop recommendations. The session titles are:

Session 1: What are the needs and logistical challenges for standardized results?

Session 2: What are the challenges for CRM producers?

Session 3: What are the challenges to meet regulatory requirements in different countries or regions?

The address for the workshop website is: https://www.bipm.org/en/committees/jc/jctlm/wg/jctlm/2021-12-06 and includes details on the topics within each session, the times for the sessions and the link for registration.

The comparability and reliability of results, as well as the availability of improved traceability and calibration hierarchies are key issues in the accreditation of medical testing laboratories. Accreditation body staff and associated stakeholders are welcome to register and attend this JCTLM workshop.