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ILAC MRA extended to include RMP

The ILAC MRA has now been extended to include the accreditation of reference material producers (RMP) using ISO 17034!

This extension of the ILAC MRA has been implemented as a result of the recent decision of the members of the ILAC Arrangement Council that endorsed the recommendation of the AMC to recognise the EA MLA for the accreditation of RMP. This is a result of the re-evaluation of EA that included the extension for RMP carried out in 2018/2019.

We are therefore pleased to advise in accordance with ILAC R6, that the recognition of the EA MLA to the ILAC MRA now includes the accreditation of RMP using ISO 17034.

In addition, the ILAC brochure ‘Why become an accredited reference material producer’ has been revised and updated to reflect this extension of the ILAC MRA to include RMP and is available from https://ilac.org/publications-and-resources/ilac-promotional-brochures/