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ILAC Chair participates in WTO TBT Side event

Ms Merih Malmqvist Nilsson, ILAC Chair and Chair of the recently established INetQI, participated in a WTO TBT Side event: Good Governance in Developing Modern Quality Infrastructure (QI) Systems. This event was co-organised by UNDO SDG and SECO (Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs). Ms Malmqvist speaking on behalf of INetQI, addressed the topic “Reducing the Cost of Trading through International Cooperation in QI and Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs)”. https://unfss.org/2018/06/05/unido-seco-event-20-june-2018-good-governance-in-developing-modern-quality-infrastructure-systems/

Ms Malmqvist was joined by panellists from UNIDO, ISO/CASCO, SECO, ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States), and the Trade and Environment Division of WTO.

INetQI is a global network bringing together all the organisations involved in the global QI for the benefit of all economies. It has developed from DCMAS, https://www.dcmas.net/ a group that brought together the global players in metrology, accreditation and standardization in order to support the development of robust and sustainable quality infrastructures in developing economies.

INetQI brings together the global players of the Quality Infrastructure including: ISO, IEC, BIPM, OIML, UNECE, UNIDO, WTO, the World Bank and IAF and ILAC and will be officially launched later this year.