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ISO/CASCO is holding its 36th Plenary meeting & Workshop from 25-29 April 2022. This year’s event is going to be hosted entirely online and is meant to be an interactive and debate led event. It will alternate formal sessions with open discussions, to cover CASCO technical and policy work, as well as initiatives to strengthen stakeholder engagement. The plenary week will close off with a dialogue session with the ISO and CASCO Leaders, followed by a Workshop, Conformity assessment embracing the present and preparing for the future.

This year’s theme for the World Accreditation Day is about accreditation supporting Sustainability in Economic Growth and the Environment. Sustainability is an issue of prime interest to ISO/CASCO, with its Strategic Alliance and Regulatory Group (STAR) that has been focusing on circular economy. STAR has been working on a deliverable, that will provide insight and concrete examples on how the CASCO Toolbox can support circular economy. When applied to products, processes, services, systems, or claims in the context of circular economy, conformity assessment, including accreditation, can add substance and credibility to statements that specified requirements are fulfilled, thereby, providing confidence in aspects such as recyclability, reusability, reparability, upgradability.

Check out other existing STAR deliverables:
How conformity assessment can help in managing risk for the insurance industry
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On the technical side, CASCO has continued to work remotely, with four working groups active in the revision or development of conformity assessment standards. The WG56 has completed the revision of ISO/IEC Guide 60, Conformity assessment – Code of good practice that will be published as ISO/IEC 17060 by the end of April 2022. ISO/IEC 17043, defining general requirements for the competence of proficiency testing providers, has reached the Draft International Standards (DIS) stage and will open for ballot at the end of April.