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ASCOLAB Qualification Process Internal Auditor of Laboratories

In an effort to continuously collaborate with DRC’s laboratories on their accreditation processes,  ASCOLAB have worked with DRC’s laboratories to design an internal auditor coaching programme to meet their objectives.

After the completion of training on Internal auditing based on ISO/CEI 17025: 2017 and ISO 19011: 2018 and after learning the procedures, methodologies, and objectives that a high-quality internal audit must meet, the ASCOLAB experts guide delegates through the entire process and teach them exactly how to prepare thoroughly for their new competencies.

The ASCOLAB experts accompany internal auditor candidates’ local laboratories in all key steps of the audit, and assist in defining the scope, performing the risk analysis, formulation of non-conformances, and establishing the provisional plan, conducting the opening and closing meetings, presentation of the non-conformances, and the effectiveness of corrective actions.

ASCOLAB experts check whether they are aligned with the methodology and the auditing standards, and therefore meet all the quality requirements of the profession.

The ASCOLAB goal is to directly transform the laboratory’s first engagement into a success that brings added value to the laboratory organization.

Based on the online and on-site coaching, the objectives of ASCOLAB are:

  • Developing an internal auditor’s cognitive abilities such as critical thinking and decision-making.
  • Helping competent technical internal auditors improve specific competencies such as communication (including interviewing and presenting).
  • Addressing cognitive and emotional issues that are hindering the internal auditor’s performance.

During 2021, four Internal Auditors of Central Laboratory of Panda GCM/BU/US have been qualified by ASCOLAB.