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April/May 2024 OIML Bulletin available: “Sustainability”

Published on behalf of OIML.

The April/May 2024 edition of the OIML Bulletin on the theme “Sustainability” is now available.

You can access the Bulletin here:

The issue contains eight papers in the “Technique” and “Evolutions” sections on how metrology can support sustainability:

  • Metrology of light pollution on a legal basis: Current and future challenges,
  • Catch the motion: measurement of PIR sensor detection range in the sensLAB at METAS,
  • Phosphorus recycling from sewage sludge: an emerging technology that comes with novel challenges for metrology,
  • Accelerating climate action with ISO standards,
  • The crucial role of metrology for a sustainable future,
  • Sustainability – What does it mean to metrology
  • Developing metrological competencies to streamline innovation and promote sustainable development in Cuba, and
  • Metrology: a tool to support climate action

In the “Update” section there are reports on:

  • the OIML-BIPM-UNESCO World Metrology Day Launch Event 2024,
  • the renewal of the MoU between ILAC, the IAF and the OIML,
  • the Second Gulf Metrology Forum,
  • OIML Training Event Prepackaged goods according to OIML R79 and OIML R87,
  • a report on the Ninth OIML-CS Management Committee meeting, and
  • regular updates on the OIML-CS, new Members, Committee Drafts, & meetings.
  • The Editorial is written by CIML President Dr Bobjoseph Mathew.