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Accreditation for Biobanking facilities brochure

Many of the accreditation bodies that are members of ILAC https://ilac.org/ilac-membership/members-by-economy/ are now offering accreditation to biobanking facilities using the dedicated standard: ISO 20387 General requirements for biobanking that was published in 2018. This standard is applicable to facilities involved in the biobanking of biological materials and addresses both the technical competence and management system requirements for these facilities. Accreditation helps in demonstrating the reliability of banked materials and their associated data that is essential to underpinning confidence in their use. The recently published ILAC brochure – ISO 20387: Accreditation for Biobanking Facilities available from here provides information on the accreditation process and advantages of accreditation in this field.

In addition, ILAC is currently in the process of extending the ILAC MRA https://ilac.org/ilac-mra-and-signatories/ to include the global recognition of the accredited biobanking facilities. Additional information on this recognition will be made available throughout 2021.