ILAC – IEC Partnership


ILAC has a long standing relationship with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).


Memorandum of Understanding

The ILAC-IAF-IEC Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was re-signed in November 2018.


Unified Assessments

The document IECEE-ILAC-IAF Guidance for the Conduct of Unified Assessments in the Electrotechnical Sector was developed by a Joint Working Group of IEC, ILAC and IAF for assessment teams conducting unified assessments in the electrotechnical sector and provides background and guidance on how unified assessments are prepared, conducted and completed. This document contains guidance on the management of the on-site assessment of Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories against ISO/IEC 17065 and ISO/IEC 17025, in order to harmonize and simplify unified assessments in the electrotechnical sector.  The guidance emphasizes the importance of assessment as a management tool for monitoring and verifying the effective competence and capability in the relevant elements of conformity assessment in testing and certification of electrotechnical equipment and components. The use of this guidance may differ according to the size, nature and complexity of the organizations to be assessed, as well as the objectives and scopes of the assessments to be conducted.

IEC-ILAF-IAF Steering Committee website



“IEC’s successful, global Conformity Assessment Systems and their schemes build trust through the peer assessment process and many of their participating certification bodies, inspection bodies, and testing laboratories are assessed both by accreditation bodies and by their peers as a part of the individual schemes. Therefore the IEC works closely with the international accreditation network in order to reduce costs for all stakeholders in conformity assessment. Close cooperation relieves any duplication burden on business whilst enhancing the assessment process overall.”

–Shawn Paulsen, IEC Vice President & Conformity Assessment Board Chair


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