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ILAC – WADA Partnership

  ILAC and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have a long-standing relationship. Accreditation of anti-doping laboratories by an ILAC MRA signatory is a pre-requisite for WADA accreditation.ILAC and WADA work together to formally recognise the technical competence of the anti-doping laboratories and this then leads to community confidence in laboratory outputs which are measurement results that are fit for their intended

ILAC Guidance Documents (G Series)

ILAC Guidance documents for accreditation bodies and accredited organisations may provide information on the interpretation of accreditation criteria for specific applications. These guidelines have been prepared to assist accreditation bodies to set up training courses that are in line with international practice and which will enable them to generate the lead assessors and technical assessors


An introduction to ILAC Accreditation, including accredited calibration, testing, medical testing, inspection and proficiency testing providers, plays a significant role in delivering confidence in everyday life as well supporting regulators and trade. Revision of the International System of Units (SI) Measurements are a critical aspect of everyday life! The SI is a globally-agreed system of

Joint Statement from ILAC and IAF 2011

World Accreditation Day Supporting the work of Regulators By ILAC Chair, Peter Unger and IAF Chair, Randy Dougherty We are delighted to announce that World Accreditation Day will take place on June 9th 2011. This year’s theme is based on how accreditation is used to support the work of Regulators. Accreditation provides confidence in the

Joint Statement from ILAC and IAF 2013

World Accreditation Day Accreditation: Facilitating World Trade By ILAC Chair, Peter Unger and IAF Chair, Randy Dougherty World Accreditation Day is on 9 June 2013 and this year the focus is on the important role accreditation plays in facilitating trade around the world, both within and across national borders. Nowadays, globalization means that most of

Welcome to the File Sharing Area

This is a private work area to be used only for the sharing of files. Files are only to be uploaded to share with other conference delegates who have access to this page. This area is not a permanent repository. All files will be deleted from this area and the area removed following the completion

ILAC – ISO Partnership

  ILAC and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) have a long standing relationship. ILAC has an ‘A’ liaison status within the ISO Committee on Conformity Assessment (CASCO) as well as a number of the ISO technical committees. ILAC is also involved in a number of the ISO working groups for developing standards. Further information on

ILAC Promotional Brochures

ILAC has created a series of promotional materials to promote awareness and understanding of accreditation. ILAC MRA Accredited Laboratories, Inspection Bodies and Reference Material Producers Specifying Accreditation   These brochures are also available in Arabic, Chinese, Dari, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

Joint Statement from ILAC and IAF 2009

International Accreditation Day           By ILAC Chair, Daniel Pierre and IAF Chair, Thomas Facklam We are delighted to announce that the second International Accreditation Day will take place on June 9th 2009. This year’s theme is ‘competence’ -a core principle of what accreditation delivers. Technical and operational competence, as it relates


The MRA supports international trade by promoting international confidence and acceptance of accredited testing and inspection reports and proficiency testing programs. Technical barriers to trade, such as the retesting of products each time they enter a new economy is reduced. In this way, the free-trade goal of “accredited once, accepted everywhere” becomes a closer reality.


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