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ILAC Liaisons with ISO

On this page ISO Management Committees ISO-IAF-ILAC JSG ISO CASCO ISO CASCO CPC ISO CASCO STAR ISO CASCO TIG ISO REMCO ISO Technical Committees ISO TC69 ISO TC176 ISO TC207 ISO TC212 ISO TC272 ISO Working Groups ISO CASCO WG23 on Common Elements ISO CASCO WG42 Revision of ISO/IEC 17011 – DISBANDED ISO CASCO/REMCO JWG43 on ISO

Other Accreditation Programmes

If you are looking for competent suppliers of reference materials and/or proficiency testing programs, this page provides links to the online directories of accreditation bodies currently providing accreditation for these activities. NOTE: Whilst these programs are provided by accreditation bodies that are Full Members of ILAC, these programs are NOT currently covered by the ILAC