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» ILAC MRA Mark can be used for inspection activities

    The ILAC MRA Mark can now be used by ILAC MRA signatories for inspection activities and by the accredited inspection bodies of the ILAC MRA signatories!

    Following extensive revision, ILAC R7:05/2015 Rules for the Use of the ILAC MRA Mark was recently published in May 2015. ILAC R7:05/2015 enables the use of the ILAC MRA Mark by ILAC MRA signatories and their accredited conformity assessment bodies (CABs) for accreditation activities covered by the ILAC MRA.

    Therefore, ILAC R7:05/2015 now allows the use of the ILAC MRA Mark for inspection activities as well as calibration, testing and medical testing. In addition, when the ILAC MRA is extended in the future, the revised Rules include provision for the use of the ILAC MRA Mark for other accreditation activities (such as proficiency testing providers and reference material producers).

    The ILAC MRA signatories are required to sign the associated ILAC R7-F1:05/2015 Agreement for the use of the ILAC MRA Mark with ILAC in order to demonstrate their compliance with ILAC R7:05/2015 and allowing their accreditation body to use the “Combined ILAC MRA Mark” in accordance with ILAC R7:05/2015. Many of the ILAC MRA signatories have now signed the Agreement with ILAC and are therefore able to use the ILAC MRA Mark for inspection activities.

    The ILAC MRA signatories that have signed ILAC R7-F1:05/2015 are also able to permit their accredited CABs to use the “Accredited CAB Combined ILAC MRA Mark” in accordance with ILAC R7:05/2015 and the accreditation body’s rules for the use of their accreditation symbol.

    ILAC R7:05/2015 is available from the Publications and Resources section of the ILAC website and the list of economies where the ILAC MRA Mark is registered, as referred to in ILAC R7, is available from the members area.

    The ILAC brochures “The route to signing the ILAC MRA”, “Why become an accredited inspection body?” and “Why use an accredited inspection body” are available from here.