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» Purpose

The aim of the ILAC MRA is to develop a global network of accredited conformity assessment bodies, namely calibration laboratories, testing laboratories, medical testing laboratories and inspection facilities, that can be relied on to provide accurate data and results.

The ILAC MRA provides technical underpinning to international trade by promoting cross-border stakeholder confidence and acceptance of accredited laboratory data and inspection results. Until the advent of the ILAC MRA, there had been no multi-lateral mutual recognition agreement in laboratory or inspection accreditation. That had been a hindrance for some types of international trade, particularly those products which have had to undergo re-testing, re-calibration or re-inspection upon entry to importing countries. The ILAC MRA now facilitates this trade.

The principal elements for establishing confidence among the participating systems within ILAC are listed below. These elements are designed to ensure conformance with the requirements in order to establish and maintain mutual confidence in the technical competence of ILAC members and their accredited laboratories and inspection bodies. The elements are:

  • Exchange of information on the development and operation of ILAC member accreditation schemes;
  • Participation in the work and decision-making of the ILAC General Assembly and ILAC Committees where applicable;
  • Participation in international inter-laboratory comparisons and proficiency testing programs;
  • Participation in the work of ILAC Expert Groups and Task Forces held to discuss problems related to testing, calibration and inspection in various technical fields;
  • Evaluations of applicants and re-evaluations of signatories to this Arrangement are conducted in accordance with the relevant ILAC and regional cooperation documents;
  • Observations of applicant bodies’ and signatories’ assessments of their laboratories and inspection bodies to determine if these facilities meet the requirements of the current version of ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO 15189 (for medical testing laboratories) or ISO/IEC 17020;
  • Confidence in the metrology institutes of the signatory economies to which traceability is claimed by accredited facilities and support for the measurement comparison activities of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) and/or regional metrology organizations.


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