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» Values

ILAC’s core values, which support our vision, help to shape our culture, form our identity, and guide how we operate are the following five principles: 


Professional Excellence

We have a commitment to excellence and strive to provide a consistent, reliable, quality service to all stakeholders and the marketplace.

  • All members agree to abide by ILAC’s policies, rules, and terms and conditions
  • ILAC Arrangement signatories maintain conformity with ISO/IEC 17011
  • ILAC members ensure that all accredited organisations comply with the relevant standards
  • We act in a confidential, honest and professional manner, and maintain the highest integrity at all times
  • We meet timeframes and targets unless urgent circumstances requires us to renegotiate new timeframes with all relevant stakeholders
  • We work within agreed budgets
  • We investigate fully all complaints
  • We take pride and ownership in all that we do and say
  • We have a commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way
  • We support personal excellence and foster the use of the best people  


We provide a robust infrastructure to support the world-wide demonstration of competence and equivalence of testing and calibration laboratories, inspection bodies and other types of bodies serving or supporting laboratories and inspection bodies through accreditation, in order to support activities within and between economies including trade, protection of health, safety and the environment for the public benefit. Our fundamental purpose is to provide confidence in the competence of bodies supporting these activities.

  • We provide global leadership in accreditation and a framework for administering accreditation programs
  • We raise awareness to our stakeholders of our values and the value-added services we provide
  • We act as a guide in the process of organisational development, growth and cultural change
  • We help to enable the people in ILAC, including its member bodies, to succeed
  • Each ILAC Arrangement signatory recognises the accreditation awarded by other signatories of the Arrangement as being equivalent to an accreditation by its own organisation
  • Members accept certificates or reports issued by organisations accredited by ILAC Arrangement signatories on the same basis as they accept certificates or reports issued by their own accredited organisations
  • All members recommend and promote the acceptance by users in their economies of certificates and reports issued by organisations accredited by ILAC Arrangement signatories
  • We work to ensure that users and potential users of services world-wide, in both government and industry, understand and accept accreditation covered by the ILAC Arrangement as the preferred tool for enhancing confidence and credibility as well as eliminating duplication of activity
  • We respond promptly and accurately to enquiries from the marketplace

Equality and Inclusiveness

We treat all members on an equal basis regardless of levels of experience, maturity of accreditation system, economy, or size.

  • We listen to and respect each other and each other’s views whilst working together to achieve mutually beneficial results
  • We are inclusive and accepting of different approaches, recognising that we are not one member or one region with one common situation and one common approach, but many members and many regions with more than one perspective and therefore more than one approach
  • We work together to achieve mutually agreed upon outcomes for the benefit of the global accreditation community and stakeholders
  • We work co-operatively, openly, constructively, and without criticism
  • We encourage collaboration
  • We aim to achieve consensus in our decision-making but not at the expense of timeliness

Progressive Learning Environment

We are committed to identifying, developing, and continuously improving the body of accreditation knowledge required to support our work and the needs of the marketplace.

  • We maintain state-of-the-art practices for assessing the competence of conformity assessment bodies within the scope of ILAC’s interests
  • We exchange information on the development and operation of accreditation programs
  • We supporting the sharing of ideas and knowledge to foster improvement of accreditation processes and services
  • We have a commitment to innovation to continue meeting the current needs of our stakeholders and to pursue creative ideas that have the potential to meet future needs and to contribute to society
  • We welcome feedback and improvement
  • We coach and mentor each other, especially members of developing economies, to ensure that all accreditation systems achieve the same level of competence
  • We ensure that all ILAC documentation adds value to the market acceptance of goods and services and increases confidence in accreditation
  • We support staff excellence and foster the use of the best people


The members of ILAC are ILAC – we all contribute to the success of ILAC.

  • We actively participate in the work of ILAC – in particular, the work of the General Assembly and committees, including providing informed comment on documents and discussions, and returning voting ballots in a timely manner, even if we physically are unable to attend meetings
  • ILAC Arrangement signatories support the ILAC Arrangement through the provision of competent peer evaluators
  • We all bear our fair share of the resources needed to operate ILAC effectively and in a cost efficient manner
  • We provide a positive environment for ILAC staff members and voluntary contributors from the ILAC membership to work within.